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The Italian Pastoral network “APPIA”

The Italian network of pastoralism “APPIA” is a non-profit organization registered in December 2017 by a heterogeneous group of breeders, professional researchers, and operators in the livestock sector and in particular in the pastoral one. Pastoralism is a traditional system of extensive farming, where the feeding of livestock comes mainly from natural resources and whose productive and reproductive rhythms remain respectful of the cycles of the seasons and the physiology of the animals.

The challenges that nowadays pastoralism must face, in Italy as in neighboring countries, are multiple and complex. They range from the relationship with special-protected areas to the coexistence with predators, complex market mechanisms including supply production chains. Moreover, the scarce effectiveness of both EU, National, and regional support policies calls for new forms of associations among the involved stakeholders. This assumes even more important if we consider the problem of generational turnover and scarce technical assistance, training, and innovation.

Generally, the APPIA Network seeks to improve the visibility of pastoralism among citizens and consumers, enhancing and supporting its operators, also in the context of a discussion of agricultural policies. APPIA Network objectives include:

  • Propose itself as a consortium of Italian sheep farming operators in order to build exchanges with similar realities, activate projects of community interest and give life to international cooperation activities
  • Strengthen the synergies between operators in the sector and the world of research, organizing and participating in national and international events, exhibitions and conferences
  • Supporting pastors and the whole sector through the discussion with the institutions ensuring effective communication for designing shared policies.



The APPIA Network aims to be home of individuals, organizations, and associations that intend to promote a shared debate, supported by scientific evidence through a dialogue with society regarding the issues of:

  • Recognition of the role of extensive farming and pastoralism in the management and maintenance of rural areas and in the production of ecosystem services for the community
  • Conservation of pastoral landscapes and their cultural, environmental, and ecological impact
  • Relaunch of extensive farming through the opportunities offered by rural multifunctionality
  • Promotion and enhancement of local specialties and development of quality territorial Agri-supply food chains
  • Analysis of policy and financing measures for the agricultural sector and propose innovative ones to improve extensive farming activities, also in a perspective of food sovereignty
  • Promotion of initiatives in support of the pastoral sector, its players, its products, and its services.

We invite you to support the APPIA Network by adhering to the statute, through the appropriate form on the website, and by sharing its initiatives, to better support and enhance the pastoralism that contributes to keeping the Italian territories alive and productive.

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APPIA Aims and Scopes